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An American’s Viewpoint on the “Lost Month”

An American’s Viewpoint on the “Lost Month”

I’m Michael Kahn, your American guide, but flights to major destinations have been canceled. If you have your tickets, you will be able to reschedule. Perhaps you can put on the travel channel and imagine being on your way to the destination of your choice. Have one of your family members play the role of the Pilot, another the flight attendant, and you can be the passenger aboard the plane waiting for take off. Be sure to have beverage service ready to heighten your virtual experience. Creativity has gotten us through this difficult time so far, especially last month,  April 2020.

An American’s Viewpoint on the “Lost Month”

An American’s Viewpoint on the “Lost Month”

I cannot believe that the month of April has just passed by and yet it almost feels lost….or does it? With the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, most of us have been quarantined in our homes for more than a month with no end in sight. Yes we are given expiration dates as to when the quarantine will end with the only result being an extension followed by another one. While the physical toll on those suffering from the virus is evident, the unseen effects on our mental health may not appear for some time. How do we keep sane in a time that seems insane, that breaks all social norms,  cripples the economy, and stops us dead in our tracks?  Yet, I question if all of this insanity is a way of putting our hectic lives back into some form of sanity.  The coronavirus created a lost month, but in reality, maybe it wasn’t lost, but actually more “found” than any other month we have ever lived during our lives.

An American’s Viewpoint on the “Lost Month”

While some of us are old enough to remember the Great Depression, wars, September 11th may be able to pinpoint specific months in our lives, no month has created a complete halt like April 2020. Many  businesses were forced to close, employees layed off or furloughed, schools teaching virtually caused  April to be a month for creativity,  innovation, personal reinvention, time with families, and time to think….plenty of time to think. Businesses that were able to find a way to limp through this time by creating methods to operate such as changing course to produce other products such as masks, or restaurants offering delivery or curbside pickup, while some others reinvented themselves with programs/classes online. Necessity is the mother of invention, never have I been more convinced. Furthermore, families were forced to spend countless hours together like never before at home. Parents were assisting their children with homework online and even cooking and baking together like Julia Child, Francis Mallmann, and Doña Petrona.

An American’s Viewpoint on the “Lost Month”

The reality is that we will be reinventing ourselves for sometime as we enter the “new norm” as the world has forever changed due to this pandemic. April may seem “lost” but how can a month that has given us such awakening be lost?  There are just a few months in my life that I can remember distinctly, and you? I think that we can all agree that April 2020 was life changing. Centuries from now, students will be studying about the pandemic of 2020 and that April was “lost” due to the lockdowns and quarantines. Those of us who have lived it know that, on the contrary, April found us, made us aware, heightened our creativity, and tightened bonds with our families….certainly not “lost”. I am Michael Kahn, your American guide, wishing you a great June, and to find strength to endure, and the courage to explore your passions and creativity each day during these uncertain times. 


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