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An American’s Viewpoint of Wars, Pandemics, & Tattoos

We are now past a month of quarantine as the Coronavirus Pandemic rages on. How will we remember this moment in history when it all comes to an end? Will life return to normal…or will it be a new normal? I am Michael Kahn, your American guide, and will explore this topic.

In the past, as with any war, soldiers would get tattoos to commemorate their time at battle. As the war known as COVID-19 subsides, and life resumes, what tattoos will people head out to tattoo parlors to get inked? Will they display a symbol of survival or perhaps tributes to those loved ones lost as a result of the coronavirus war?

It wasn’t all that long ago back in September 2001, the world watched the war of terror when the Twin Towers were attacked. Nearly 3000 lives were needlessly lost. Afterwards, so many individuals chose tattoos to permanently adorn their bodies to remember and to memorialise all those lost and to honor the brave first responders. Such tattoos were of the twin towers with words saying Never Forget and others chose the American Flag with the saying These colors don’t run. Also there were tattoos designed of firefighters who risked their lives to save others in the burning towers.

An American’s Viewpoint of Wars, Pandemics, & Tattoos An American’s Viewpoint of Wars, Pandemics, & Tattoos

The curiosity I have is what tattoos could possibly represent what we are experiencing now. Would some choose to ink a crown (as corona) or possibly a symbol of a virus particle, or a memorial to a loved one? What sayings would be chosen? This remains to be seen, but I am sure tattoo enthusiasts are already thinking of their next meaningful tattoo for their body canvas.

An American’s Viewpoint of Wars, Pandemics, & Tattoos

While I do not have any tattoos myself, I love the art, the creativity, and the meaning of each tattoo and the stories they tell. Besides being an English teacher, many are surprised to learn that I created a tattoo blog to showcase tattoos in all their forms. My tattoo site & instagram page #Inkstattoo will follow the trend in these new tattoos. If you are planning a tattoo stemming from Covid-19 and want to share it, please email me at I will include you and your story. Whatever your thoughts are on the attack of the Twin Towers back in 2001, and the Covid-19 pandemic today, we can agree that one life lost is one life too many and we must stay positive to win the war! After we win, we will be assured that many will get inked to commemorate this moment in time. I am Michael Kahn, your American guide, wishing you and your family peace and health. Stay safe!

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