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An American’s View of the USA: Las Vegas

Por Michael Kahn – English Big Time Learning Center

After our visit to the Palm Beaches, it is time to head way west to the Mojave Desert. We are going to gamble an amazing experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can bet that we are going to have fun there. Please remember.. What happens in Vegas… Stays in Vegas!


I am your guide to the USA, Michael Kahn, and I will show you some of the places that I love to visit while in Vegas. From the spectacular shows, concerts to the amazing water light shows, incredible architecture of the hotels on the Vegas Strip, to Hoover Dam. As we prepare to land at McCarran International Airport, I would like to remind you that there are several Wedding Chapels on the Vegas strip for those couples feeling like tying the knot. Perhaps you have always dreamed of an Elvis Presely themed wedding.This is your big chance to fulfill that dream that will last a lifetime. Do you remember when Brittney Spears married her childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander at the famous Little White Chapel on the Vegas Strip in 2004? After their wedding, they spent the rest of the weekend at the Palms Casino Hotel in a luxury suite. Their marriage was short lived as it was annulled just 2 days later. It reminds me of the song by Bruno Mars, “I think I want to marry you.”



The hotels are the Vegas strip are unlike any others I have ever stayed. Depending on your desires, there is a hotel perfectfully suited for you. If you enjoyed our New York City flight last month and want to relive the experience, stay at the New York New York Hotel. It is very reminiscent of the Big Apple from the rooms, to the lobby, and the food. It is a miniature New York City for sure. Want to experience life during the Roman Empire, then you are more suited to stay at one of Caesars Palace’s 3976 rooms on the west end of the strip. There is a 20 foot statue of Augustus Caesar at the entrance. My personal favorite is the Venetian Hotel. This 4028 room spectacular masterpiece has an area where you can take a romantic ride on a gondola while being serenaded by a gondolier. It gives the sensation of being outside in Italy while hearing the sounds of the waterway. For the most amazing musical light water show that is sure to mesmerize you, head over to the Bellagio. There are over 1000 fountains cascading with music from some of the most amazing artists in rhythm with the beat. Inside the Bellagio, for chocolate lovers, visit the chocolate statue in the Botanical Gardens area. Some of the other great hotels on the strip are the Wynn Hotel and Encore, MGM Grand, Stratosphere, Luxor, Flamingo, New Frontier Hotel, Sahara, The Mirage, Bally’s. Mandalay Bay, Circus Circus, & more. The Stratosphere has amazing 365 degree views of Las Vegas from the top floor Restaurant. As far as great shows on the strip, Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil, the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Criss Angel Mindfreak, La Reve, Friends, the Musical Parody, many tribute shows such as KISS, and the list goes on!



If you want to have your picture with your favorite celebrities, head over to Madame Tussauds were there are lifelike statues of all the A listers from Hollywood. For night time fun, go over to Fremont Street in the downtown area. Experience the Fremont Experience which is a light show overhead on a canopy that extends for five blocks. Often, there are live bands and street vendors selling their wares. Over 25,000 people visit this pedestrian mall daily. While I feel it is great for adults, I am not convinced it is appropriate for children as their are some unsavory activities that may be witnessed there. If you like casinos, there is the 4 Queens Hotel & Casino, which has appeared in various movies over the years. The reason it is called Four Queens is because the builder, Ben Goffstein, named it after his four daughters.



If you want to experience a bizarre, almost unimaginable restaurant then I recommend you make a stop at the Heart Attack Grille Restaurant on Fremont Street. If the name doesn’t raise your antennas, for sure what you see as you enter will! There is a scale to weigh the customers and those over 350 pounds (158.76kg) are rewarded with a free meal. Once weighed, patrons are given hospital gowns to wear. The hamburgers have names such as the Bi-pass, the double bypass, the triple bypass, and a quadruple bypass (9.982 calories). It was given the official title by Guiness Book of World Records for the most caloric Burger. The flatliner fries are unlimited and cooked in lard. If that isn’t enough heart clogging delight for you, be assured that the quadruple burger comes with 20 pieces of bacon for that extra heart palpitating experience. For a sweet treat, experience their all fat milkshake to wash down that ample burger and fries. Several people have had heart attacks while eating there, but that just adds to the excitement of the experience. The waitresses are dressed as nurses and if you don’t finish the food on your plate, they will spank you with a wooden paddle. Doesn’t this sound like an experience one should not pass up? At the end, if you ate your quadruple bypass burger, they will escort you out in a wheelchair. Would you believe that the owner, Jon Basso, used to own gyms and weight loss centers? Two of the spokesmen for the restaurant have died of heart attacks, so enjoy your visit and burger platter as if it were your last meal.



As an english teacher, I have to mention interesting educational experiences.Take a tour or drive over to Hoover Dam. It was constructed to control floods, provide irrigation, and to produce hydroelectric power. I have never experienced something so complex and mind boggling. It is a major tourist attraction formerly known as Boulder Dam but later changed to Hoover Dam  in honor of President Hoover.

Las Vegas is also home to some great coffee houses. If you love coffee and teas, stop over to Aware Coffee and Tea Lounge on Mirage Rd, Leone Cafe on Rampart Blvd, PublicUS on Fremont Street, and Grouchy Johns on Charleston Blvd. There are so many great options for great coffee and pastries there. To learn more about great coffee, check out

Vegas is the place where anything can happen, and you can create some amazing memories. Whether gambling, enjoying the shows, the fine coffee shops and restaurants, there is something for everyone. Until our next trip, this is Michael Kahn, your American guide.


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