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An American’s view of the USA: Detroit

Por Michael Kahn – English Big Time Learning Center

Time to head to Detroit, Michigan, our next destination. Thanks for joining me, Michael Kahn, your American guide as we travel across the USA. Lately, all the buzz is focused on Detroit, known as Motor City. This is due to the revival of the Big “3” automakers boosting the economy and the real estate market flourishing. Few know this but in the 1950’s, Detroit was the wealthiest city in the World. During the economic downturn in the USA, Detroit suffered as many auto factories were forced to close. In 2009, the automakers stopped production of many brands as a result. Cars such as the Pontiac TransAm are now just a memory. Maybe you remember the iconic 1977 Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit starring Burt Reynolds. When I think of Detroit, I automatically think of cars.



In winter, Detroit is very cold and humid. It seems even colder with the windchill factor. However, the summer is moderate and very comfortable, with highs in the low 80’s Farenheit (27C).

Buying properties in Detroit has become very attractive recently. In fact, on December 22, here in Nordelta there will be a Realtor with expertise in Detroit coming to speak about investment opportunities.

Detroit has always been a place of excitement and mystery. There was a great movie from 1983 called Doctor Detroit, starring Dan Aykroyd. Other movies related to Detroit are DreamGirls, Robocop, Beverly Hills Cop, Gran Torino, and Transformers. Most notable is 8 Mile starring Eminem.  8 Mile is derived from the Detroit area’s Mile Road System. This system identifies streets running east-west throughout the region, beginning at the downtown intersection of Woodward and Michigan Ave. near the Detroit River. Eight Mile is eight miles from the shore.



When visiting Detroit, visit the Ford Museum of Modern Innovation. Also, there is the Motown Museum for music lovers. Some of the most important singers to come out of Detroit are Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, & Stevie Wonder.  Regarding the Arts, The Detroit Institute of Arts features 100 galleries and is home to one of the largest art collections in the U.S.A. Detroit is the city that rocks! Every night catch great live bands throughout the city.  While enjoying the nightlife, taste the specialty beers of Detroit. Stroh’s Brewery Company, now owned by Pabst Brewery Co, was founded in 1850 in Detroit. While Stroh’s is no longer, Brew Detroit is still brewing the original Stroh’s recipes.  To taste history, head to the oldest brewery in Michigan, Frankenmuth Brewery, established in 1862.

With your foamy beer in hand, you can feast on a Detroit Coney Island hotdog, a staple there. The Detroit Redwings are the top team in Ice Hockey (NHL), winning the most Stanley Cups of any other American team, 11 in total.  Also, Detroit is home to the legendary NBA Detroit Pistons.

As we return to the airport, note that it is the 10th largest airport in the United States. It has two terminals with 150 boarding gates. I recommend bringing a pair of sneakers to sprint as if you were training to run a marathon.  It has been so much fun discovering Detroit. Thank you for entrusting me, your American guide, Michael Kahn, with your tour of the major cities in the United States



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